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Lapel Pins are incredibly popular and tiny symbols of everything from causes to brands to political parties to musical artists. Thanks to the varied ways in which they can be used, these pins are ubiquitous today. You’ve probably seen a lapel pin almost every day of your life even if you’ve never actually worn one yourself. They’re just one of those things whose existence we take for granted.

At Digital Jewelry Company, though, we don’t like to take things for granted. It’s not how we’ve found success, and it’s not how we approach what we do for our clients. That means we’re serious about not taking the products we make for granted. We pride ourselves on making the best lapel pins around the globe.

We’re confident making that boast because we know how our pins fit into the history of these fascinating objects. It’s quite the history too. No one is entirely sure where the first lapel pin came from or why it was made, but we do know about the development of the artistic process that lead to the types of pins that we wear today. Contact us today for your custom lapel pin.

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