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Napoleonic Medals Let us take a walk in the history of the medals. Most of us are familiar with the first medals, Pisanello that was produced in 1438 by an Italian painter Antonio Pisano. History tells us that medals were mostly used as an award. Napoleonic Medals are the medals celebrating the ... Read More
November 16, 2020William
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History of Medals

History of Medals Origins of medals date back to the fourth century BCE, when medals were given as a form of honorary awards. Historian Josephus wrote that Alexander the Great sent golden buttons to High Priest Jonathan, who once led the Hebrews in his aid. There is also information about Roman ... Read More
October 12, 2018William
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It’s important to understand the difference between customized and custom jewelry. If you engrave someone’s name or “build” a piece of jewelry from a list of options, you will end up with a personalized, meaningful and beautiful piece of customized jewelry. Custom jewelry, though, is designed from scratch, and the design ... Read More
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