Championship Chains

Championship Chains: Custom Made Chains in the USA

We are the premier designer and manufacturer of custom championship chains in the USA. Order your championship chains directly from our factory and save your money. We are the choice of champions! Customize these chains with your name, logo, number, year or any text. High quality single and team championship chains at affordable prices. Personalized chains are an important part of people’s everyday lives. Most people wear for style. Some people hold them dear as they are gifted to them by their loved ones. We have custom and personalized chains for women, men, and kids. We have seen several custom name chains used as thoughtful gifts with name or message engraved upon them. These personalized chains can be used as a token of appreciation or just to show off the message engraved on them.

Championship Chains

We use advanced methods to give your chains the best shape. Keeping in mind chest plate significance, we cut the multiple layer and then assemble it to give it state of the art 3D design look. Championship chains are most trendy and awesome way to brag your victory. Our team is backed up with decades of expertise and knowledge making these chains using top notch metal. Our fine cuttings and curve shape will make it special for the wearer. We always take care of small details in your chain making so you will get awesome feel and splendid look on your championship.

Digital jewelry offers custom championship chains in various metal options. It starts with solid brass, gold, chrome plating etc. Initial process includes a lot where we use the finest craftsmanship to shine it at best similar to the mirror reflection at the end. Exclusively the chrome and gold left super awesome impression to these chains. It gives a feel of king once you are coming from way behind wearing it, telling the whole story of championship. Once you reach the crowd, your championship chain will seek the attention and makes you the crowed puller. People around will take picture with your custom designed chains.

Personalize Your Championship Chain

We have premade templates for you to customize / personalize these championship chains. Personalize them with your information (logo, name, team, year, text, or any other information). We provide quick to complete customizations. Either choose from our pre-designed chains and quickly personalize them or go for complete customization. Just share your idea or design with us and we will bring it to life.

We get all of our materials from premier sources and make these custom chains with extreme care, particularly delicately handling precious stone chains. Our custom chains can be used for any occasion, whether you are gifting your CEO, wife, kids or you are handing these out at sports competitions for the teams, players, fans and coaches.

Are you ready for a real experience? Are you geared up for paparazzi? Our custom championship chains are created with solid brass metal and custom plates. Our premium chest plating is prepared in such a way that it gives a real deal. Once these chains are been bragged among the crowd, the crowd is definitely going crazy.

Chain design making is exceptional craftsmanship. At digital jewelry, we always go through the minor and major details: to ensure the whole process of your chain comes to final shape without a flaw. Our customization process is simple. You stand a chance to engage directly with our professional team of designers. We provide virtual mockups as well. Get a free quick quote.

Custom Championship Chains
Championship Chain
Championship Chains
Champion Gold Chains

Custom Championship Chains for Teams and Individuals at Low Cost

We provide low cost high quality championship chains in the USA. We provide bulk discounts. Low price affordable championship chains for all budgets. We use AAA grade raw material, top tier high quality metal. We are known for our AAA grade metal usage. Let us walk you through our manufacturing process. Once the customer has approved the design, we start working on it right away. We ensure the custom championship chains are heavy and strong enough to show off your strong character once you claim it.

We have a large number of premade template design but some of them are most demanding design. Easily personalize these chains with your name or team name and other championship details on it. Furthermore to make your life more easy our another design with blank space in the center of chest plate is quite eye catching and convenient for rush orders. All you need to provide is just your image, logo and name you want in the mid of chest plate.

We have different types of chains based on the material used, the length and color of the chain, and the work done. Based on the length and color of the chain, we have custom chains that vary from 16 to 20 inches. These custom chains are available in varying colors such as gold, white gold, silver, pink, red and black color. On the basis of materials, we have gold and rose-gold chains, sterling silver chains (with Cuban link chains as well), and other metal chains such as bronze, tungsten and copper. Based on the material used and the work done we have; custom name chains, personalized chains with stones, iced out bubble letter chains, tennis chains with diamonds, and even characters/emojis/figure chains. The figure chains are very popular with kids, you can select your kids’ favorite character and we will attach that figure to your chain. Zodiac signs of people such as Leo, Taurus, Capricorn are written on these chains, and on some chains, the symbols of these zodiac signs are used with glitter.

The cost varies with the quality of the metal used in making chains. Customized chains are a little high in price range as compared to the ready-made chains.

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High Quality Championship Chains

We provide the grade A quality championship chains in the USA, Canada, Dubai and all around all the globe.


Easy Customization

Quickly customize your chains with our premade templates. You can also share your designs with us for a complete custom championship chain.


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Made in USA

All of our championship chains are designed and made in SC, USA. We are the best championship chain maker in United States.


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