Football Championship Chains

Football Chains: Custom Football Chain Necklaces & Cross Chains in USA

We are the America’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom football chains, football chain necklaces and football cross chains. Our factory is located in Columbia, SC, USA. We are serving since 1955. Save your time and middleman commission by ordering direct from our factory. Rush shipping is available. Get a free quick quote or call us direct at 803-760-7099 for details.

Football Chains

We know that earning a football championship is not a piece of cake. There are few in the state, school, college who break the shackle to achieve the glory of victory in the championship final. It had massive value around the people and sporting fraternity. You deserve to brag your custom football championship chain among them. It’s a vertex of all challenges you have faced in the league to earn this memorable triumph. At digital jewelry, we understand precisely how it feels. We always give the best shot in the extraordinary making of memorabilia because celebration deserves the best trophy with a unique custom award.

Visit our gallery for football necklaces, chains, pendants images. We make these chains for men, women, boys, girls, state and national champions. You can call us direct at 803-760-7099 for further information.

Football Chain Necklaces: National, State, Silver and Gold Chains

We are providing the real deal to customers for a century. Our experience in the sports jewelry event distinct us from competitors. We offer matchless custom football championship chains. With supreme and original chain designs, the USA made jewelry. At Digital Jewelry, we are proud of our artistry, serving countless customers for years. We are making these custom football championship chains for leagues, teams, coaches, youth, state and national champions. We make these chains in silver, brass, zinc, gold, etc based on the customer requirement.

We understand the significance of making it to the league final. It’s not an ordinary moment when you receive the football championship chain in front of the entire crowd. It’s a dream come true; the moment for any sportsman to remember championship and show off to peer around is a real pride that goes life long with you.

Whenever you wear those neck trophies, jubilation and excitement are out of the world. Digital jewelry keeps the process simple for our customers and engages them in all stages. We understand the importance of the your input. We design these chains keeping all factors in consideration.

Football Chains
Football Championship Chains
Football Cross Chain
Football Chain Necklaces
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Design Custom Football Championship Chains and Necklaces Online

Design your custom football chains, necklaces and cross chains with us at a low cost. Our designing process is simple. First, choose whether you want to go for quick or complete customization. In express or quick customization, choose from our premade chain templates and customize them with your name, team, logo, image, year or any other information. In extreme or complete customization, share your ideas or design with us and we will create it for you.

Our football championship chains are great trophies and a perfect fit for your football league. Usually, chains sizes from 7/8″ x 35 inches made up of solid plastic, gold, silver, brass, zinc, etc. We use premium material for these chains. Chest plate covers the 6″ x 5-1/4″ with 4-1/2″ spacing inside available to imprint the artwork. Furthermore, to give it a super presentable look, we pack it with black velvet drawstring bags.

The pleasure and excitement of holding custom awards are lifetimes for achievers. Our motive is to bring crack shot deals for customer with matchless expertise in the custom chain making industry. We use modern techniques and laser engraving for lasting results.

Why us?

Digital Jewelry is proudly serving USA for decades. Our Italian craftsmenship blended with experience and the use of latest technology separates us from the others. We are the choice of champions. We are the first choice of coaches for their championship awards.

We at digital jewelry support our young athletes. That’s why we provide a special discount to youth, teams and coaches. We understand the value of these championship chains to you. We have a team of expert designers and craftsmen who are cable of designing everything. We offer quick and complete customization options. Choose from our premade chain templates and quickly customize them with your information. Or share your design or ideas with us and leave the rest to our skills.

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We manufacture high quality chains for USA, Canada, Dubai and all around all the globe.


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Quickly customize your football necklace, chain or cross chain with our pre made templates. Not satisfied? Share your ideas or design with us for a complete custom chain.


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We proudly design and manufacture these football championship chains here in SC, USA.

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