Lacrosse Championship Chains

Lacrosse Chains: Custom Lacrosse Chain Necklaces & Cross Chains in USA

We are the leading manufacturer of custom lacrosse chains, lacrosse chain necklaces and cross chains in the USA. Digital Jewelry is the choice of the champions since 1955. What are you waiting for? Call us direct at 803-760-7099 or get a free quick quote. Order direct from our factory and save your money. We design and manufacture these chains here in SC, USA. We also provide bulk discounts.

Lacrosse Chains

To honor the need of your lacrosse championship chain we provide a great selection of chains, necklaces, pendants, etc for men, women, boys, girls, youth, kids, high school and state champions. We provide both quick and complete customization of lacrosse necklacess and cross chains, and pendants. We look forward to being a part of your dream come true moments.

Lacrosse Chain Necklaces: National, State, Silver and Gold Chains

We have lacrosse chain necklaces, lacrosse cross chains and chains in brass, silver, gold, etc. Are you looking for quick customization? You can choose from our pre-made templates and customize them with your information. Not satisfied? Need a complete custom solution? We provide complete customization option as well. Share your ideas or design with us and we will bring it to life.

Our customized lacrosse championship chain sizes 7/8” x 34” starts with plastic, brass, silver, gold respectively. In contrast 6 x 5 -1x 4” middle plate imprinted with 4-1/2” complete color inside the plate. Moreover, with exclusive packing based on customer demand. Starts with a velvet drawstring bag, wooden, and plastic cases. Now the plate generic sizes start with 6x 5-1/4” inches. Joined with 7/8” wide and 35” long and thick plastic, brass, silver, and gold plate. Personalized color in the center of the plate with an area covering 4-1/2 inches.

Lacrosse Chains
Lacrosse Chain Necklace
Express Lacrosse Chains
Express Lacrosse Chain
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Custom Lacross Championship Chains and Necklaces at Wholesale in the USA

Factory direct lacrosse necklaces, chains and cross chains at wholesale in the USA. Save your time and money. We have no minimum order requirement. You can order single units from us.

We know exactly how it’s like to have a lacrosse championship chain. It’s a reflection of your championship, a lifetime achievement. It is not a piece of metal for us. Our team of experienced craftsmen with the aid of latestest technology ensures you get an eye catching chain for your lacrosse championship. Our lacrosse championship chains are made with solid plastic, brass, silver, and gold of choice. With the entire image or logo and top coloring blend in the center for you. Our chains are comparatively lighter and easy to wear and fits all ages. Whether it’s for your special league or you are designing it for your own collection. The custom chains always shines bright in showcase of achievement.

History of Lacrosse Championship Chains

The first championship tournament was organized in 1971. Since then it become a popular sport. As we speak till 2016, 46 lacrosse championships have been held.

Only 11 teams have got the honor to claim their lacrosse championship chain and titles. With Syracuse leading the chart securing ten in their name. North Carolina was the first-ever in 2016 among the unseeded teams to pocket the national championship title.

Furthermore, the Sport of lacrosse championship and giving award as lacrosse championship chain is now the tradition in Mid-Atlantic states and northeast. With the sporting heart of US-North Carolina and New England, it has become much famous among youth.

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We manufacture high quality chains for USA, Canada, Dubai and all around all the globe.


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Quickly customize your lacrosse necklace, chain or cross chain with our pre made templates. Not satisfied? Share your ideas or design with us for a complete custom chain.


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We proudly design and manufacture these lacrosse championship chains here in SC, USA.

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