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Custom fantasy rings at wholesale made in the USA. Personalize these fantasy rings at $9.99 ea. Order direct from the factory and save both time and money. Get a free quote. We are designing and making these fantasy rings since 1955. We are the choice for the fantasy fans and fantasy sports players. We manufacture each ring from a high-quality raw material with our Italian craftsmanship skills aided with the latest technology. Get a free quick quote for your fantasy ring or call us direct at 877-269-5646. We provide bulk discounts and free samples (for bulk orders only).

Personalized Fantasy Rings As Low as $9.99

Your fantasy ring is not chunk of metal for us. We design and manufacture each fantasy ring with creativity, devotion and hard work. We know it is your dream or championship story. Whether it is any type of fantasy ring, we work beyond our limits to make it memorable for you. We are not limited to fantasy sports rings, we provide complete custom fantasy rings as well like fantasy magical rings, fantasy wedding rings etc. Our fantasy ring start at $29.99 ea and goes as low as $9.99 ea for bulk.

We can design these rings in any shape, size, color with complete customization. Choose from our pre-defined templates for quick customization with your name, artwork or any other text. Not satisfied? Order a complete custom ring, share your ideas or design with us and we will create that unique dream ring for you.

How to Design Your Fantasy Ring?

History of Fantasy Rings

History of fantasy rings begin with the magic rings, the most popular objects used in the fantasy. Magic ring’s had always exclusive importance in jewelry. We have witnessed numerous fiction work ring featuring significant symbol or stratagem including famous novel The Lord of the Rings trinity. We all found ring stories frequently in the fantasy or science fiction genre. It is the myth from beginning that fantasy rings hold some special magic in it.

However, many people believe rings represents the personality wearing them, such as a signet ring. These fantasy rings tells us how someone’s actions reflect its character. perhaps rings are easy to wear and hard to get rid off, which makes them significant magical objects.

No other fantasy ring-story become popular than the Lord of the Rings by professor J.R.R. Tolkien in the 1950s. And the ring of Sauron positioned a special place in peoples mind. It is the most popular magic rings in literature. Many other fiction movies like Harry Potter, the Phantom’s ring etc have different stories about magic fantasy rings.

Greece philosopher Plato explained the Ring of Gyges, a magic ring that made the person invisible who wore it. One herdsman found it, he used it to assassinate king and gain his queen. It was not righteous thing to do with that magical ring same story inspired Tolkien.

High Quality Fantasy Rings

We use top quality raw material to ensure the best quality fantasy ring. We make these fantasy rings right here is Columbia, SC, USA.


Free Fantasy Ring Artwork

We provide free artwork for your fantasy ring with every quote. We also provide free samples for bulk orders.

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Fantasy Rings As Low As $9.99

Our fantasy rings start at $29.99 ea and are as low as $9.99 ea. We provide discount for bigger orders.


Designed & Made in USA

We are a family owned business located in Columbia, SC USA. We proudly design and manufacture these fantasy rings in the USA.

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