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Custom Hip Hop Jewelry - Pendants, Chains and Iced Out Jewelry at Wholesale

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry for all budgets, real and fake. Pendants, chains, bracelets and iced out jewelry at wholesale. Designed and made in the USA. Our custom hip hop jewelry is the highest demand bling and sizzle jewelry on the market. Purchase direct from the factory and save your money. Get a free quote and artwork. Overnight shipping is available.

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry is Yours & Yours Only

We can make you a custom pendant in any name you want, in high quality rhodium finish. Our custom hip hop jewelry is completely iced out with gorgeous replica diamond stones that sparkle like the real deal. Wait until you hit the club on a Saturday night rocking a custom made name pendant. We can make you a custom pendant in any name you want, in high quality rhodium finish. When you hit the scene with our custom bling, everyone will think you spent thousands on the iced out custom piece. Because custom hip hop jewelry is often times a one-off, you won’t see someone else wearing your same pendant and you won’t see it in a store or at a mall cart. Custom hip hop jewelry is the ultimate expression of you and is yours and yours only!!

Finest Quality Custom Hip Hop Jewelry in USA

You wont regret giving us chance believe us. We will provide you the finest quality custom hip hop jewelry. If you are searching for the finest jewelry makers for custom jewelry designs, we will serve you the best, it’s a promise! You will find our custom hip hop jewelry absolutely finest available among all others.

History of Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

Jewelry has always symbolized status and hip hop singers have been also well-known for being very fond to gold and jewelry to show power, wealth and, why not, status. This is how in the 1970’s, hip hop was born in the Bronx, USA; and so did its singers with their style always trying to draw attention with their clothes and jewelry pieces that they started calling “bling bling”, making the term also very popular among young people.

Hip hop jewelry has also its origins in the Jamaican music and fashion style, that was adopted in New York city during the 70’s due to the presence of Jamaican immigrants in the area, with their Caribbean roots wearing bracelets, knit caps, collars, etc. Therefore, with this mix of influences, hip hop fashion accessories became a trend and mainly a must to all hip hop artists who were looking to gain the respect of their colleagues and public in general.

Over the years, during the 1980’s, hip hop jewelry evolved, and customized chains were the most typical accessory worn by hip hop singers. Flashy, over sized or large-beaded gold chains together with diamonds or large pendants were part of the standard outfit of hip hop artists. However, to be able to differentiate and make a difference, customization of jewelry was almost mandatory.

Customization of hip hop jewelry pieces is what makes them valuable and meaningful, besides the amount of gold and diamonds it can contain. Personalized designs that take care of details providing quality check from the client make them special and extravagantly unique. Ideas flow from hip hop artists to create music, lyrics and personalized jewelry!


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