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Custom Medals made in USA. Custom award medals for race, swimming, military, graduation and all kinds of events. Complete customization including metal choice (gold or other), shape, color, size, logo, artwork and any other information. Purchase these custom award medals direct from our factory and save up to 50%. Get a free quote or call us direct at 877-269-5646.

Custom Medals

Custom medals for all. We design and manufacture custom award medals for all kinds of events, championships and people (kids, athletes, youth, military, women, etc.). Our process is quick and easy since we already have pre designed medal templates for you to choose. Get a complete customization combining elements like logo, text or artwork according to your unique ideas and request.

We are the leading manufacturer of custom designed championship sports (gold and any other metal) medals, medallions, awards & trophies in the USA. Create custom medals of your choice. Every custom designed championship medal has the history of 19th century Italian craftsmanship coupled with American ingenuity and technology. Order today and have tomorrow. Get a free quote or call us direct at 877-269-5646.

Since 1955 Digital Jewelry has been the preferred Custom Jewelry Company in the USA to make dreams come true through personalized sports medals. Athletes and coaches that want high-quality, custom medals and awards have chosen our family and company to be part of this important moment. We let you design your own medal providing support and a heritage of Italian craftsmanship combined with more than 50 years of experience.

Custom Express Medal Designs

Express Medals – Great Value!

You won’t find a better price for the quality of our custom designed medals.
These Olympic style 3″ medals are 3 mm in thickness and nothing is sacrificed in delivering the highest quality custom medals to you at an affordable price. Inspire, motivate and recognize your team members in a way that will encourage them to attain higher goals — both on and off the sports field.
Our custom medals provide you with a variety of options, styles and colors — coming in the standard red, white, and blue elegant neck ribbon.
These medals will arrive fully assembled and ready to present and wear. Customize these medals with date, team accomplishments or individual awards.
Finally, our smaller 2.25″ medals are available as a value option.


Complete Custom Medals

Price range: $.99 – $9.50

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks after art approval
Minimum Quantity: 25 or more
Set Up Charge: Typically $100 – $300, depending on design customization (higher volumes are eligible for free set up charges)
Description: Complete Custom Medallions. Stand out from the Crowd. Hand Crafted for that Special Something Different. Eye-Catching. Provided in any shape or design and available in the most popular sizes: 2-1/2″ or 3″.
Our Price Points. Models available in several different styles to choose from: Girls Softball, Premium Team Championships, Racing Events, Iron Man or Football “Superbowl”, Band, Cheer Competitions — and Much More! Contact us to confirm pricing and delivery time of these custom medals.
Packaging: Bulk, individual poly bagging available (packaging options available)
7/8″ x 30″ V Neck style – Available in R/W/B and Solid Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink or Purple
1-1/2″ x 30″ V Neck style – Available in R/W/B and Solid Red, White, Blue
Drapes – Available in R/W/B and Solid Red, White, Blue
Printed ribbons may be available on larger volumes – Please Inquire

Custom Medals at Wholesale

We have been manufacturing high quality custom award medals for decades. We’ve been the choice of USA athletes and coaches seeking custom designed medals since 1955. Our high quality unique, custom medals are available at affordable prices for all budgets. These unique, custom medals are handcrafted works of art that will inspire you. Our custom medals enhance your event’s prestige and make it a more memorable experience for all. Our product lines are endless! They vary from custom medals, custom coins & awards, and much more.

Custom Medals with Quick Customization

We have pre designed medals templates for quick customization. Personalize these custom medals with your logo/artwork, name and any other text information. For complete customization, share your ideas or designs with us and we will manufacture it precisely to your needs.

We start with the basic shape and color for each custom medal. We then incorporate the text, logo or artwork provided to us by clients for their particular league. Next, we start working on the final details of the custom medal — combining elements of the logo and text to create an elegant banner or other inlay image for a striking finish. We test options for the best color combination.

Custom Medals Made in USA

All of these custom medals are designed and manufactured in USA. We are a USA licensed Custom Jewelry Company, rooted in a family heritage of Italian craftsmanship. As a family owned business we can stand firm to our values and commitment to designing jewelry of timeless beauty for life’s most important moments and memories. We believe in patience, perseverance and good old-fashioned American ingenuity to provide you affordable and timely delivery of HIGH QUALITY products.

How to Design Your Custom Medal?

Free Artwork & Sample for Your Custom Medals

We provide free artwork (virtual mock up) along with every quote for these custom medals. Physical samples are also provided for bulk orders. We work overtime and weekends to keep our promise to meet your deadline. We have rush delivery options available. For small rush orders, we have overnight shipping available. For bulk orders, delivery time varies depending on quantity and design complexity. Order today and have your medals tomorrow.

Our local staff have worked with thousands of clients and always take the time to fully understand your unique needs. Get a free quote for your custom medals or call us direct at 977-269-5646 for more information.

Affordable Sports & Academic Medals

Factory direct for low cost and value. High quality Italian custom craftsmanship made right here in the USA from our Columbia, SC factory.


We respond to most quote within 2-3 hours. For urgent requests, please reach us by phone: 877-269-5646

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For single or small orders, we ship within 24 hours. Same day shipment is available for single units. We use UPS and FedEx for shipping.

Custom Made in the USA

We design and manufacture these medals in the USA. Quality guaranteed.

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History of Custom Medals

Origins of medals date back to the fourth century BCE, when medals were given as a form of honorary awards. Historian Josephus wrote that Alexander the Great sent golden buttons to High Priest Jonathan, who once led the Hebrews in his aid. There is also information about Roman emperors giving military awards and political gifts of medals or medallions that were large silver or gold large coins worn by men and women.

There have been different models, materials and uses for medals throughout the history. In Europe, in late Middle Age, nobles, intellectuals and sovereigns, handed out custom medals as political gifts to obtain sympathy and support from influential people. These gifts were considered pieces of jewelry that were made of a variety of metals such as gold, silver-gilt, silver, bronze, etc. depending on the receiving person and his status.

Later on, from the 16th century, commercial use of medals was becoming more and more popular to commemorate specific events such as military battles and victories. Since this awarding practice started to grow, rulers for presentation and private vendors started selling the medals to honor combatants and higher-ranking officers.

The main characteristics of these ancient medals vary due to the specific purpose they were made for and its customization. That’s how the different types of medals such as awards medals, commemorative medals, religious medals or society medals started to differentiate from each other. Regarding metals, these can be selected representing awards for different places in a competition; when it comes to shapes, those of crosses or stars are related to military awards and decorations, and so on.

Thanks to a proper customization process, custom medals are now unique and valuable gifts to celebrate victories and recognition.