Custom Military Medals

Custom Military Style Medals - Manufactured in the USA

Custom military medals manufactured in the SC, USA. Customize these medals with your name, date and any other information. Order these custom made military medals direct from our factory and save you money. Get a free quote or call us direct at 877-269-5646.

US Style Military Medals at Low Cost

We are the choice of USA since 1955 for custom made medals. Our military style medals are mostly used as commemorative medals. You can choose from a wide variety of medals styles and customize them.

Digital Jewelry is a family owned business with its root dating back to Italian craftsmanship. Our hard work is reflected in our end product.

Military Medals with Easy Customization

We have pre defined templates for all types of medals. You can choose from our military style medals templates and customize them with your name, dates and any other information. If you have any other designs in mind, fee free to share and we will manufacture a complete custom medal for you. We also provide free virtual mock ups with every quote.

Why Choose us?

We believe that through sheer hard work, patience, perseverance, tolerant of the hours of work, sincere service and timely delivery of HIGH QUALITY products, worthy of recognition, the price of triumph is a sweet success. We always work hard to to design a jewelry of timeless beauty for life’s most important moments and memories.

How to Design Your Military Medal?

Order Today and Have Your Military Medals Tomorrow

We can deliver small orders overnight. Place an order today and have your medals tomorrow. For large orders, delivery depends on the number of units and the complexity of design. We do our best to deliver orders quickly. Get a free quote or call us: 977-269-5646 for more information.

Affordable Military Medals & Awards

Our military style medals and awards are very affordable. Order these direct from our factory and cut the middleman cost as well.



We respond to most quote within minutes. For urgent requests, please reach us by phone: 877-269-5646

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Same Day Shipping

We deliver small orders next day. For large orders, delivery time varies depending on the quantity. We use UPS and FedEx for shipping.


Made in USA

We design and manufacture these military style medals and awards right here in the USA. Quality guaranteed.

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