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Hotel Name Tags, Badges and Pins for Sale in the USA

Hotel name tags for sale at low cost in the USA. We make high-quality name tags, plates, dog tags, badges and pins for hotel contacts. These tags are worn by hotel employees, attached to the guest rooms, galleries, restrooms, spas, reserved tables, VIP lounges, lodging areas, and more. Even the keys of the hotels have number tags attached to them. Hotel name tags help in the identification and recognition of a person who wears them. We make all of our tags here in the USA. Order them directly from our factory to save time and money. We make these name tags for contact hotels in all shapes, sizes and materials. The most popular materials are plastic, crystal, wood, glass, acrylic, cardboard, and metal (silver, steel, cooper, brass, zinc, etc). We provide bulk discounts. We can meet any deadline. We can also provide overnight deliveries for rush orders.

Get a free quick quote or call us direct at 803-760-7099. You can also pay a visit to our factory located in Columbia, SC, USA.

Hotel Name Tag

We have premade hotel name tags templates. Customize these templates with your information such as name, logo, address of the hotel and any other information. We can also make complete custom tags for hotels. Share your design or ideas with us and we will make you a complete custom hotel name tag.

Name Tags for Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism at Wholesale Prices

We provide high-quality adhesive name tags and badges for the hotels. restaurants and tourismat wholesale prices. Our name tags can be laminated and they can be customized for hotels, special people, events and ocassions. We can make these tags in plastic, wood, metals, silver, or any other material of the customer’s choice.

Hotels always focus on improving their services for customers. Every hotel has a necessary principle of attaching name tags to the uniform of workers for identification. Hotel staff whether it be a chef, waiter, or a manager have their names written on the tag that is attached to their dress.

The classic hotel tag comes in plastic with the logo of the hotel and company. These tags help in making a connection with the customer. It helps in forming trust between the customer and the hotel employees. Hotels are also a significant category of the tourism industry. The tags thus play an important part in the decorum of the hotel environment and establishing a connection between hotel staff and customers.

We also provide reusable name tags and badges as a one time cost-effective solution. Names are printed/Written on a cohesive tape that can be easily replaced by another one on your tag, badge or a pin.

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High Quality

We never compromise on our quality. We do our best to deliver the highest quality in United States, Canada, Dubai and all around all the globe. We do not provide cheap hotel tags.


Easy Customization

Our customization process is easy. Choose from our premade templates and customize them with your information such as logo, name, designation, year, number, etc. If you do not want to use our templates then share your design or idea with us and we will make a complete custom tag for you.


Free Quote and Artwork

We provide free quick quotes within minutes. We also provide the free virtual artwork and samples (for bulk orders only).


Made in the USA

All of our tags are designed and manufactured here in the USA.


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