G13030 BASKETBALL | Digital Jewelry



1. Two banners and a ball for custom engraving.
2. Customize the Sides: -ability to add players names, team name, year, jersey number, etc. up to 9 characters for each side.
-ability to interchange the sides. Can use both sides of each sport or switch the side to have a blank side for a larger area for custom engraving.
3. Target Quantity: 1-50 rings: designed for the individual and team use.
4. Finger Sizes: 7, 9, 11, and 13
5. Choose what type of Championship for the top: STATE, LEAGUE, BACK2BACK, WORLD, NATIONAL, REGION, TOURNAMENT, CITY, ETC
6. Your Logo: Option 1: Express: UV 2D style screen etch emblem (7-10 business days)
Option 2: Premium: complete mold made for the custom design (4-6 weeks)

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