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Custom dog tags at low cost made in the USA. Customized military, couples, identity and award championship dog tags in USA. Order these direct from our factory in Columbia, SC, USA and save up to 50% by cutting the middle man. Call us direct at 877-269-5646 or get a free quick quote.

Express Championship DOG TAGS

3 types of Express Dog Tags

Item Name: Extreme Championship Dog Tags – Black Gun Metal
Item Number: DGTG-XTBL
Price: $7.50 (higher volumes for teams and leagues are eligible for discounts)

Item Name: Extreme Championship Dog Tags – Silver Gun Metal
Item Number: DGTG-XTSIL
Price: $7.50 (higher volumes for teams and leagues are eligible for discounts)

Item Name: Championship Dog Tags – Black and Silver
Item Number: DGTG-VAL
Price: $4.00 (higher volumes for teams and leagues are eligible for discounts)

Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Minimum Quantity: 1
Set Up Charge: $25 for orders less than 10 pcs – depending on the customization (higher volumes are eligible for free set up charges) –
if just text on the dog tag – no set up charge
Championship Express Extreme Dog tags are made from Gun Metal Stainless Steel –
These are designed for higher quality awards – replace a participation award with these Championship Dog Tags!
These tags are 3 times thickness, jewelry quality, with stainless steel ball chain so no fading or discoloring.

For youth Football, Girls Softball, to Premium team championship complimentary awards.

Extreme Championship DOG TAGS

Complete Custom Dog Tags

Item Name: Extreme Custom Championship Dog Tags
Item Number: DGTG-Custom
Price: $2.75 (higher volumes for teams and leagues are eligible for discounts – also price will vary depending on type of metal used and budget needs)
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks after art approval
Minimum Quantity: 100 pcs or more (we can do much lower quantity, but best pricing starts at 100 pcs)
Set Up Charge: $75 – $125 approximate depending on design design customization (higher volumes are eligible for free set up charges)
Description: Complete Custom Dog Tags – Hand Finished for Something different and eye-catching. These are Any shape or design available with Most popular size is 1.5″ x 2″

For Marching Bands, youth Football, Girls Softball, to Premium team championship complimentary awards.

Custom Military Dog Tags & Championship Dog Tags

Digital Jewelry is the leading manufacturer and designer of custom dog tags, custom military dog tags and customized championship dog tags. We design custom dog tags with your letters and design on a blank metal. Most places charge per letter, Per Line, and PER TAG, but not here at Digital Jewelry Company! We can personalized dog tags with as many letters and lines or any design on blank black or silver blanks! We can provide custom dog tags with sport emblems, school logos or any organization at that! We turn your creative ideas into reality and guarantee customer satisfaction! We also provide custom military dog tags and necklace. Call us direct at 877-269-5646 or fill our form to get a free quick quote.

Unique Custom Dog Tags: Personalize with Your Information

Digital Jewelry offers the best custom dog tags which are unique product as per design, model, make, finishing, metal, colors, quality and technology for imprinting. Our custom dog tags has two pieces with 27 inches and 4.5 inches chains (Optional as per demand of client). For instance, you can select the color of your choice from the given color scheme or you also tells us your favorite color we can find and then come up with the mock up for you.

If you see our tag, it has the capacity of 4 to 5 lines on which the characters and symbols can be written from English alphabets, counting and symbols of seal or snapshots, whatever you are interested in. Our dog tags are available to customize them for all types of sports and other personal usage.

How to Design Your Custom Dog Tag?


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History of Custom Dog Tags

Signaculum was the name of a lead dog tag carried by Roman soldiers around their neck. This tag was given to the legionnaire when they enrolled. The piece was a lead disk with a leather string indicating the name of the recruit and the legion of which the recruit was part of.

These tags were also given to Chinese soldiers in the mid-19th century showing soldier’s name, age, birthplace, date of enlistment and some other basic information. This was a wooden tag wore at the belt used by Imperialists and Taiping rebels during the Taiping revolt in years 1851 to 1866.

During the Civil War, a proper method for identification of battlefield casualties was not implemented. This issue created the need of having prototype identification tags out of pieces of wood and different options were considered and applied, such as pinned paper notes, as improvised identification methods.
Later on, machine-stamped tags made of brass or lead were put on the market since manufacturers recognized the need.

The soldier’s name and unit were engraved in the tag and on the other side it had an eagle or a shield. Regarding the name “dog tag”, it was originated around World War II, when the circular tag changed to a more oval shape with a notch resembling dog collar tags.

Years after, during the late 1950’s these notched tags were replaced with a new one without the notch. Today, dog tags are made fully customizable with engravings of personalized messages or images, with different shapes and materials, being the most used the stainless steel. Custom dog tags creation is now a simple process that guarantees results with exact specifications or details in the design.