Digital Jewelry Company - Premier Jewelry Designer and Manufacturer in the USA

Who Are We?

Digital Jewelry is a premier jewelry designer and manufacturer. Digital Jewelry quality products are designed with 21st century digital technology, and founded upon late 19th century Italian craftsmanship. The company’s founders with over 100 years of expertise are the sons and daughters of an Italian craftsman/artisan who came to America through Ellis Island, NY in the 1940’s with a vision of fulfilling “The American Dream.” seventy years later that vision still exists, now with a global presence.

Digital Jewelry is a take off of the family business with a continued commitment to designing jewelry of timeless beauty for life’s most important moments and memories. I believe that through sheer hard work, patience, perseverance, tolerant of the hours of work, sincere service and timely delivery of HIGH QUALITY products, worthy of recognition, the price of triumph is a sweet success. This principal has been passed on to myself and the rest of my brothers and sisters by my father, Ivo Colucci. This has now become the Mission Statement for our company!

I am doing my best to raise my wonderful children with the guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God has become the inspiration of my family and continues to be the source of Light and Strength in our daily lives.

May God Bless you and continue to shine His light
towards you all the days of your lives …

  • We are a USA Based Company working since 1940, located in Columbia, SC.
  • Digital Jewelry always provide grade A quality products.
  • Profits from our company go to support a ministry for the less fortunate of our community such as the boy's & Girls home, local Christain youth ministries, and much more..

Company Name: Digital Jewelry Company, LLC
Remit Address: 160 Commercial Dr, Columbia, SC 29212, USA
City: Columbia
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29212
Factory Address:
Digital Jewelry Company – Custom design and award Mfg 160 Commercial Drive Columbia, SC 29212 USA./ Contact: Billy Colucci
Contact Title: President / Chief Executive Officer
Contact Phone: 803 760 7099
Toll Free: 877-269-5646
Fax: 803-753-4771
No. Employees: 26
Tax ID:
DUNS# 104607556
CCR Registered for Department of Defense purposes.

We use grade A quality material for all of our products. We never compromise on quality. You will get the best quality product from us.

We always deliver on time. Once we commit to deliver something, no matter what circumstances are, we always deliver on time.

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