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Custom charms, engraved gold, personalized bracelets, necklace and pendants at wholesale. Designed and made in the USA. Purchase direct from our factory in Columbia, SC, USA and save the money by cutting the middle man. Call us direct at 877-269-5646 or get a free quote.

Personalized Charms: Necklace, Bracelets & Pendants - Designed & Made in the USA

We are the top designer and manufacturer of custom charms, engraved gold charms, personalized charms, bracelets, necklace, pendants and all customized jewelry charm. Our company specializes in high quality, unique sterling silver and other material charms along with a variety of other customized pendants. Customized metal charms go great as a necklace or attachment for silver bracelets if you choose something smaller in size! Charms are so easy to personalize!!

Digital jewelry always provide customers with creative and innovative styles for custom charms. Engrave your memories, symbols, individuals name initials, seal on charms. Custom charms also adds a unique level of customization. Work with our artists to develop an advanced unique insignia. We work beyond limits to achieve the high quality and we never compromise on it.

We have a history making jewelry products. In our factory we start with the basic shape and color. Incorporate the text, logo, art work or initials that is been provided to us by customer to put on custom charms. Hereafter, we start working on custom charms order using initials, logo or text for title and any other information. Text is used on base to make it look more striking with the best color scheme as per demand of client.

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History of Custom Charms

The use of charms began during the pre-historic period as a form of amulets in order to keep evil spirits, enemies or bad luck away. During this time, the charms were made from shells, animal-bones and clay; sometime later, the use of gems, rocks, and wood was also common practice. It was not until the Egyptian Pharaos that the first identifiable charm bracelets and necklaces were seen.

Religion and faith have also played an important role in the use of charms over the course of time. In the days of the Roman Empire Christians used tiny fish charms to identify themselves among other Christians to have entry into forbidden worship activities. Jewish scholars also had the tradition of writing passages of Jewish law to use it in amulets around the neck in order to always keep the law close to them.

Wearing and collecting charms became soon a popular fashion trend during the first years of 21st century. Since 2001, in North America and Europe, the practice of personalizing charm bracelets became very widespread because of the original and unique jewelry piece that resulted from choosing different charms to put onto the bracelet. They could also be interchangeable giving more flexibility to the user wearing it that was able to create his/her own look.

The list of categories and design for charms are endless. This is the reason why custom charms have continued to be a trend after more than a decade. The individuality that comes with custom charms makes it special for the user who gives a unique meaning to his/her piece of jewelry.

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