Custom Baseball Championship Rings for Youth, State & National Champions

Custom Baseball Championship Rings

Customize Baseball Championship Rings For Your Team! Buy custom baseball championship rings for kids, youth, high school, national & state champions.

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We are the choice of youth, kids, high school, state and national athletes for their custom baseball championship rings. You don’t win everyday, so why choose an ordinary ring? Your team deserves the best. Make your championship last forever and surprise your champion athletes with our quality rings. We are #1 for customized youth baseball rings in the USA.

Easy Customizable, High Quality & Low Cost Baseball Rings

Digital Jewelry specializes in customized team championship rings for your Baseball Team! We provide all types of customization from quick to complete. We have been producing rings that celebrate these athletic victories since 1955. We produce these rings for professionals, universities, colleges and high school athletes. National and state champions proudly wear our rings. These rings are very popular among youth and we appreciate young athletes. We have custom youth baseball championship rings specially available for youth. Each ring is carefully designed to exhibit the traditional symbols associated with your team or state. We use latest technology for designing your baseball rings, that’s why we guarantee their quality. Our design process with the use of advanced tools makes it simple to craft your rings. We design unique baseball championship rings, making them memorable for you. Our expert design and manufacturing team will bring your dream rings to reality.

Baseball Ring Styles & Options

Either pick from our templates/designs or share your design with us. All you need to do is send us your team logo or artwork, player name/number or any other wording you need on your baseball ring. We will design artwork for you Free of Charge and send samples(for bulk orders only) if needed. Artwork making takes up to 2-4 hours whereas samples can be delivered within 3-10 days depending on location.

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How to Design Your Baseball Ring?

Why Our Baseball Championship Rings?

Youth Baseball Championship Rings

We value our young athletes. We have youth baseball championship rings for high school and young athletes. Personalize them with name, artwork or any other information.


State Baseball Championship Rings

State baseball championship rings are for professionals, high school, collegiate and state champions. Customize them with artwork/logo, team/player names, event title etc.

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National Baseball Championship Rings

Professional, high quality and elite baseball championship rings starting at $99.99. These rings are complete custom rings, price varies depending on design, material, shape etc.


Custom Fantasy Baseball Rings

Fantasy baseball rings for fantasy players and teams. Starting at $29.99 ea, bulk discounts and made in the USA. Purchase direct from the factory at wholesale.

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History of Baseball Championship Rings

Baseball championship rings have been the oldest in the history of championship rings. Its roots come from the Major League Baseball in 1922, when the New York Giants members were given the first World Series ring after their triumph over the New York Yankees. Prior to that, players only received keepsakes, such as pins or pocket-watch fobs. Later on, from the 1930s, this became an annual tradition when players started receiving championship rings in 1932.

During the first years of baseball championship rings, the design was simple and contained only one diamond, until 1977, where the World Series ring for the New York Yankees had more than a dozen diamonds. This created the tradition of making larger, more elaborated and ornate championship rings that also had distinctive touches to create customized and unique rings from older versions.

Later on, in the 2003 World Series, the ring contained over 200 diamonds, and special versions were also very popular among the teams including engraved images, logos and combining diamonds in the top, bottom, or around the bezel representing the number of titles and championships during the years. One of the most expensive championship rings awarded were those commissioned by the Florida Marlins after the 2003 World Series featuring 229 diamonds.

Over the years, the history of baseball championship rings led them to be considered valuable sports memorabilia. Museums in the USA like the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the New York Yankees Museum exhibit most of these World Series rings. This is a trend turned into an awards culture and an annual tradition in sports, which has also become an important part in the life of players, who wear them proudly to show their victories and proper recognition.