Customized Basketball Championship Rings For Youth, Kids, State & National Champions

Custom basketball championship rings for youth, high school, state and national athletes. Customize these rings with logo, player name, and artwork etc. We offer complete customization of basketball ring designs, styles, colors, metal options and much more. We are the first choice of youth, pro athletes and coaches for sports championship rings.

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Custom Designed Basketball Championship Rings in USA

Our basketball championship rings inspire our young athletes to remain engaged in productive sports activities that lead to responsible citizens later in their life. Your championship ring is not a piece of metal, it is your memory. You don’t win everyday, so why compromise on an ordinary ring?

We are America’s #1 basketball championship rings manufacturer and designer. We are a family owned business with Italian roots, making these customized jewelry products since 1955.. We design high quality rings for K-12 school, collegiate, state, pro athletes and coaches.

Easy Customizable Basketball Championship Rings

Our ring customization process is very easy. It starts with basic ring shape, style and metal. After ring selection, you can engrave your logo/artwork, players/team/event name and other information. We provide express and complete customization of rings. You can choose from our templates or share your design with us.

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How to Design Basketball Championship Ring?

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We are trusted by professional athletes and coaches for their rings since 1955. We design and manufacture these rings in our factory, located in SC, USA .


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We promise unmatched price with high quality. Our rings are as low as $9.99 each.


Italian Craftsmanship & Made in USA

Our roots are dating back to Italian Craftsmanship. Our factory is located in South Carolina, USA.

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History of Basketball

Basketball was played for the first time with a soccer ball and two peach baskets. Its origins date back to the year 1891 when its inventor, the physical education instructor Dr. James Naismith, faced the challenge of creating a sport for the winter season to play indoors at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

Naismith was Canadian, he was born in Ontario, Canada and he remembered when he used to play with his childhood friends a game known as “duck on a rock”; where they had to knock a duck off the top of a rock by throwing another rock at it. This was the beginning of this popular game structured by 13 rules that Naismith created.

By 1905, basketball was already accepted as a winter sport due to his instant success all over the United States of America and then it was introduced in many other countries of the world, becoming also an Olympic Sport at the 1936 Games in Berlin.

History of Basketball Championship Rings

The history of basketball championship rings goes back to 1947, when the first basketball championship rings were handed out in the NBA finals to the Philadelphia Warriors. With logos, diamonds, trophies and meaningful words or names, these rings represented victory and over the years, they became a symbol of pride and a tally for personal success for each basketball player.

Nowadays, these rings have become a form of power and some of the most well-known players have used them in their famous quotes that media and people have immortalized. Following this history and as part of the culture in sports, today, teams for college championships or high school championships receive their customized basketball championship rings to honor this important tradition of awards.