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Custom badges including custom police badges, name, id, military, fire police, security and all types of badges at low cost. Design & create your badge with Digital Jewelry. Get a free quote in minutes. We are top manufacturer and designer of custom badges. We make unique personalized badges that your agency or department can wear with proud. We take your creative ideas for custom badges and turn them into reality. You can also choose from our designs and quickly customize badge with your name, logo or any other information.

Get custom badges with original designs whether you use our variety of templates or come up with your own idea to make our team of creative experts work sharply to deliver a one-of-a-kind personalized metal badge that you will love. We are the leading designer and manufacturer of personalized badges including personalized name badges, professional name badges, personalized school badges, police badges, etc. Creating a fully customized badge had never been so easy; let us help you design and create the perfect badge for you and your agency or department.

Looking for a strong and tasteful badge that reflects the soul of your team giving you a unique identity? Let us turn your ideas into reality by providing complete custom badges with name, logo, artwork, text or any other information you would like to include in your personalized badge.

High Quality Custom Badges in USA

Build your own badge whether it’s a police, military, fire police, security or any badge. We provide quick and complete customization, making it easier for you to design your badge. If you are unsure, our creative and innovative experts understand your needs and they will come up with creative ideas. We turn your custom badges into reality with most appealing look. We live to design these customized badges and jewelry for people. Our high quality custom badge adds the finishing touch to your uniform, giving you a unique identity at work. Our custom badge provides you with the authority and recognition you need on the job.

Design & Make Your Own Custom Badges Easily

We make it easier with our template to design and create your custom badges. You can select from a wide variety of badge designs and personalize them with your information (logo, name, text or any info). Not satisfied? Looking for something completely custom or unique? You are on the right spot. We provide complete custom badges us well, allowing you to bring your dream designs to reality. Share your ideas or designs with us and we will manufacture the same for you. We keep your ideas and design confidential with us.

How We Make Your Badges?

We start with the basic shape and color. Incorporate the text, logo, art work or seal that is been provided to us by you for particular badge. After that, we start working on custom badges order using logo for title and text is used as banner to make it look more eye catching with the best color combination per your request. Get your custom badges today at an affordable cost.

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High Quality Custom Badges:

Custom Police Badges

Choose from a wide variety of police badge designs or create a custom police badge with your information.


Custom Security Badges

Custom security badges for all security agencies. Get an affordable badge for your department or agency.

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Fire Police Badges

Fire polices badges at affordable cost. Choose from our designs and templates, or share your ideas with us.


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Brand Status – we keep our brand awareness and integrity in check. We use only top quality raw materials such as marine grade stainless steel versus iron …


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Design Your Own Badge

Build your own custom badge in two ways: by selecting a template to help you speed the process or, if you prefer, let your creativity do the work and enjoy the process. We will take care of everything and we guarantee that you will get a quality product that is custom-made for you as per your request.

We provide personalized badges for everyone (police, military, school, office) at affordable costs with the quality of a family company leader in Custom Jewelry. Get your personalized badge and get the recognition you deserve.

History of Custom Badges

The Middle Age marks the beginning in the history of badges, they were very popular as jewelry as well as expensive pieces of artwork. In the case of police badges, these date back to medieval times when they were used by knights in a coat of arms that represented allegiances and loyalty. Pilgrimage badges were another type of pieces that also became well-known because they were given to all those people who successfully completed a pilgrimage, this was during 14th and 15th centuries.

Another common type during 14th and 15th centuries were livery badges. These represented allegiance to a family, individual or political figures and were used by commoners and nobility. One of the most famous livery badges was the Dunstable Swan Jewel, made during 1400 to be given to supporters of Henry V; it was made of gold with a white opaque enamel that covered the swan’s feathers.

In the United States, badges have always been very representative identifying specific public services. From the previous livery badges, service badges developed and also classified different levels like position, authority, and service. Today, we can see them in the military, law enforcement, emergency and fire services among others, being a symbol of honor, loyalty and bravery.

To create completely custom badges, an infinite variety of options and designs exist. From existing models or templates to perfectly customized designs including emblems, symbols, images, wording, artwork, etc.; teams, departments or agencies can create their perfect one-of-a-kind badge with high quality materials and a flawless design and manufacturing process to be able to deliver a quality jewelry product as per client’s demand.