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Championship Rings: Custom Championship Rings for Sale in USA

Championship Rings for sale in the USA. Our custom championship rings for both teams and individuals start as low as $9.99. High quality rings at low cost with fast turn time. We provide both quick and complete customization options. We also provide overnight deliveries for rush orders. We are located right here in South Carolina. All of our championship rings are made in the USA.

We make professional, league, replica, sports, nations, state, national, high school, college, youth, men, women, kids, boys, girls, wedding, and all types of sporting rings. Choose from our pre-made templates for quick customization or share your idea with us for a complete custom ring.

We are the Choice of the Champions. We offer High Quality, Low-Cost Champion Rings. We provide these rings for all budgets. Order direct from the factory and cut out the middleman cost. We provide bulk discounts. Get a free quick quote or call us direct at 803-760-7099 for more information.

Our Championship Rings

Minimum Quantity: No minimum quantity.
Price Range: $15 – $50
Description: Our Express Championship Rings are designed for smaller volume league or team orders with quantity discount price-points to provide you the best value for your budget. All championship rings are fully customized to the your desired specs.
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Minimum Quantity: 300 or more. (Lower quantities considered)
Price Range: $8 – $25
Description: These League Championship Rings are designed for higher volume league orders with quantity discount price-points to provide you the best value for your budget. All championship rings are fully customized to your desired specs.
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Minimum Quantity: 1 ring or more
Price Range: $75 – $175 and up
Description: Our line of Extreme Series Championship Rings are designed for the discerning, elite athletes. If you can imagine it, we create it! Individual MVP or National Champions. We can do it all for you at an affordable custom manufacture price. Fully customized to your desired specs.
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Custom Championship Rings at Wholesale Prices in the USA

We provide high quality custom championship rings for teams and individuals at wholesale prices in the USA. We offer quick and complete customization with top-notch customer service support. We make high quality, unique, and memorable sports and replica championship rings for all budgets in a wide variety of styles. Digital Jewelry has been serving the USA since 1955 and is still providing the best services in 2021.

We have all types of custom championship rings including Raptor Championship Rings, NBA, Fantasy Football, Lakers, LSU, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, One Ring Girl, Drake, Warriors, Alabama, Phil Jackson, Bill Russell, Football, Miami Heat, NFL, Basketball, Blues, Cavs, Golden State Warriors, Larry Bird, Shaq, Washington, AFC, Cowboys, Gary Payton, Alabama National, Bulls, Chiefs, Clemson, Dallas Cowboys, Dennis Rodman, Eagles, Patriots, Nationals, State, High School, Youth, Astros, and many more champ rings.

We have quality craftsmanship with decades of experience. As a championship ring manufacturer, we value handcrafted quality products and service to our clients. Our rings are handcrafted in our exclusive premium metals: Titan Steel Base Metal, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Tungsten, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Brass, Plastic and any other metal of your choice.

We use only the highest quality AAA-rated cubic zircons that look and sparkle just like genuine diamonds.

Inside ring engraving also available to clients looking for that extra personalization.

All prices below are estimates — ballpark prices based on our many years of experience. Please call to confirm the exact pricing as all projects are not the same.

How to Design a Custom Championship Ring?

Ring design and manufacturing process
Benedict College Player Ring
League Rings
Express Premium Rings
Extreme Rings

Quick and Completely Customized Championship Rings

Customize your premiere sports or replica championship rings with our easy and quick customization. Personalize these rings with your logo, name, or any other text information. We have four categories as described earlier. Choose the one that best fits your needs. You can quickly customize premade templates (top, shanks, sides, etc) or go for complete customization. Share your ideas or design with us for complete customization and we will make it a reality.

We design and manufacture customized national, state, youth, high school, college, NBA, soccer, football, champion and finalist rings, championship crystal gold and silver rings, champion 2.0 rings, premiere engravable rings, gold and silver deluxe rings, complete custom rings, league rings, replica championship rings, fantasy football, Toronto Raptors, Lakers, all sports and many more championship rings.

It is not easy to find the best championship rings that will address your sport event needs. We at digital jewelry, have made it easier for you by providing a wide range of custom rings from quick customization of premade templates to complete customizations. We are here for all of our customers. If at any stage, you need any changes in your rings, we are here for you. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. This is quite a bold guarantee and reflection of our confidence towards these champion rings. Furthermore, we encourage you to check out our gallery for all design options.

You can design and customize all types of championship rings including champion and finalist rings, sports championship rings, custom replica rings, championship crystal gold and silver rings, champion 2.0 rings, premiere engravable rings, NBA rings, custom replica rings, championship ring store, custom replica championship rings, replica world series rings, Chicago bulls, lakers, Big 12 Oklahoma Sooners rings, Dallas Cowboys, Alabama, Celtics, Notre Dame, championship fan rings or any other customized champion ring, then you are on the right spot!

Design Your Championship Ring Online in the USA

Design your own championship ring online the way you want. Our championship style rings can be easily customized because of our finely-tuned, proprietary processing methods. All we need is your:

  • logo/artwork
  • player number/name
  • event name to engrave

We design free artwork and ship samples if needed. Artwork designing may take up to 24 hours. Finally, we offer next day delivery for small orders.

You will love our champion 2.0 rings design. We constantly add more designs to our collection of infamous rings. Explore our arsenal where you opt from different variants of sports rings, including fantasy football, baseball, hockey, state, youth, national, high school, league, fantasy and many more rings.

We make special custom championship rings engraved with their individual name, the championship title, and the team logo. We are the choice of champions. Champions, athletes, coaches, and youth starters have proudly worn our rings for generations. We can guarantee our quality as each ring is carefully designed using only high-quality raw materials.

Cheap Custom Championship Rings Manufacturer - No Minimum Quantity

We provide high quality cheap custom championship rings with no minimum order quantity. We are the leading manufacture of customized champinship rings in the USA. We can meet any deadline, order your ring today and have it tomorrow!

Sports Championship Rings

We make all types of sports rings. Football, basketball, softball, fantasy football, lacrosse, hockey and all sport rings. High Quality, Low Cost.


National Championship Rings

We encourage our national athletes. Our national champion rings are specially designed rings for youth and kids. Low cost, affordable rings.


Replica Championship Rings

We provide all types of custom replica rings. Just share what you need and leave the rest to us. Quality Guaranteed.


State Championship Rings

State champ rings for our state champions! We provide both quick and complete customization. Call: 803-760-7099 for more details.


Designed and Crafted for the Champions!

The crux of every season is the decider day that will be remembered lifetime with you claiming your championship ring. One can live the dream and we turn it to reality with our experienced team of designers and workmanship. Our ring designers and manufacturers are always prepared to come up with creative ideas and stylish champion rings. Our team believes innovations are beyond limitations. These rings are designed only for the Champions!

Our state-of-the-art championship ring is designed keeping every essential detail in mind to deliver the best to the customer. Ensuring the exact specifications like size, name, logo, league year and the quality with complete 3D laser engraved designs on your championship rings. AAA grade raw material, gems, stones, gold, diamond and every small detail is closely monitored to come up with an astonishing ring design that will be remembered forever. We left no stone unturned to make it perfect for you. Give us a chance to acknowledge your hard earned victory with best personalized championship rings designs, 100% satisfaction and quick delivery.

You can review our gallery to check out for a glimpse of your championship ring. Our gallery holds the most popular customized championship ring designs. If you think of any design as a good fit for you, you can order that. We always take client input every single time before starting to ensure the maximum level of satisfaction.

Our process is plain and simple, either choose quick customization (express series) or go for a complete custom ring (extreme series) if you have something in your mind and want to give it a shape. Digital jewelry is the ideal place to turn your designs to reality.

Why You Should Buy Our Championship Rings?

You can easily find ordinary championship rings anywhere but exclusive designs like ours are distinctive. Our infamous ring designs are blended with perfection. You can not take off your eyes when you receive these rings. Engraved logo with zircons shinning like diamond will give it an out of the world look.

Simply we provide you with a very realistic looking diamond championship finalist rings for your league. We promise the unbeaten AAA quality with best craftsmanship by taking into account every minor aspect and detailing. We also provide the championship crystal gold and silver rings. Our handmade work with stone finishing and shaping is spot on beauty. Each piece represents a unique state of the art work to your champions ring. Our workforce is committed to capturing every meaningful final design to your gold and silver deluxe rings with quality work and timely delivery. We ensure you celebrate your memorable championship experience time to time, showing off premiere engraved rings to your teammates, mentors, friends, family and fans.

History of Championship Rings

A championship ring is a ring that is given to the players of the winning team in any sport specially in America and Canada. It is considered as a symbol of victory. Professional championship rings are made with white gold and diamonds. Yellow gold is also use for certain rings.

Did you know that North America is the founding continent of the championship rings? To them, the championship title meant worth winning. Therefore, to differentiate the winning of the national title from other events, Championship rings were awarded to the players of the winning team.

Before 1922 World Series, Participant of the World Series-winning team were honored with souvenir. Like pocket watch fob and pins. First World Series ring was awarded to New York Giants for their remarkable triumph in 1922 World Series against New York Yankees.

Afterward NYC Yankees claim 1923 World Series, and member was granted memorial pocket watch in the ceremony. NYC Yankees first time awarded rings to its players following the 1927 World Series.

From there on rings became an annual custom in the 1930s, after it every World Series champions team been awarded with rings to its contestant since 1932.

In addition to the medals routinely given in international events, respective governing bodies are responsible to award their triumphant with memento rings. Exclusively in ice hockey, Canadian, American, Russian and Czech federations follow the practice on competitions.

Championship rings are not restricted real sport only, fantasy rings like fantasy football rings etc are trending as well. The popularity of fantasy football has grown over the years and so does fantasy football rings.

Trending of Championship Style Rings

Now in America, Canada, England and most parts of the world, ring is becoming a trend. Specially in USA, custom rings are given to the players of teams that win state championship in football, softball, baseball, basketball etc.

Describing the most demanding rings I am going to opt in famous 30 by mentioning winning year at the beginning for triumphant. All sporting events not specific to US who offer those as commemorative rings all around the globe top 30 are as follows for you.

2006 Miami Heat, 1972 Miami Dolphins, 1985 Chicago Bears, 1976 Oakland Raiders, 2004 Boston Red Sox, 2002 Anaheim Angels, 2005 Chicago White Sox, 2008 Boston Celtics, 1968 New York Jets, 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins.

2007 Anaheim Ducks, 2010 Chicago Blackhawks, 2003 Florida Marlins, 1967 Green Bay Packers, 2010 New Orleans Saints, 2002 Detroit Ring Wings, 1994 San Francisco 49ers.

2007 San Antonio Spurs, 2010 San Francisco Giants, 1999 New York Yankees, 2001 Colorado Avalanche, 1998 Denver Broncos, 2004 New England Patriots, 2007 Indianapolis Colts, 2000 St. Louis Rams, 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning, 2008 Philadelphia Phillies, 2009 Los Angeles Lakers, 2008 New York Giants, 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Custom championship rings are now becoming the trend. Just like digitalism has begun to dominate our lives, the custom championship rings are becoming the 21st century trend. But no present can sustain without the backup from the past. In the same vein, the 21st century rings are essentially a result of years of expertise stemming from the craftsmanship of the 19th century. Some of the trending rings includes: Replica, Sports, National, State, High School, Kansas City Chief, Kawhi, Kevin, MLB, NFC, AFC, Ohio State, Robert Horry, Shaq, Spurs, Vince Carter, WNBA, Yankees, Youth Football, Wrestling, 49ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Jeremy Lin, Jr Smith, Magic Johnson, Matt Barnes, NBA, Best, College, Cubs, Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Knicks, Expensive, Premium, Raiders, Steelers, 1984 AFC, Softball, Super Bowl, Golden State, Horace, Kawhi Leonard, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, NCAA, Philadelphia Eagles, quinn cook, Toronto Raptors, Rondo, Sports, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Wilt Chamberlain, Alabama football and the list goes on and on…

Traditional Championship Rings: Engraved & 3D Printing

Traditional championship rings have zircons or diamonds stones studded. These rings have the team logo, team name, league year, player’s number, team position, winning year etc. Some new trendy rings are found with some quotation engrave inside the rings as well. With the use of all such stuff typically it denote in Roman numerals on those memento. Inside ring engraving is getting popular as well, providing higher personalization and handcrafted with premium metals. Design and personalize your championship rings with logo, individual name and championship title with the highest quality AAA rated cubic zircons sparkling like authentic diamonds.

Another trend is Champion of league or series traditionally offer his rings. Whomever they want, including the players active schedule or injured. Customarily trainers, coaches, executives and staff member be given the rings.

Many players had history of giving rings to Ex players who are not official part of victorious team. Even some give it n to fans as part of a charity raffle with name embossed witnessed in Larry O’Brien Trophy and Stanley Cup.

High Quality & Easily Personalize Your Champion Ring

When it comes to personalized jewelry, personalized rings are the representation of special moments full of stories that we want them to last forever. We are providers of the most affordable personalized rings with a wide range of options to choose from such as shape, color, gems, diamonds, etc. Whether you are looking for personalized rings for her, custom engrave promise rings or personalized name rings; design your own ring and we will make it happen based on your specifications.

We are making high quality and affordable personalized championship rings for decades. Quality through hard work has been the core principle of the company’s founders. At the same time, we have not forgotten our corporate social responsibility. A certain percentage of everything you buy reaches out the widows, orphan kids and the needy in general. When you buy that means you indirectly offer a helping hand to the needy as well.

Each championship ring is carefully designed to exhibit typical symbols of respective teams. Our unbeaten digital jewelry makers do the perfect detailing of your championship ring that esteems your achievement in ground.

We totally understand that commemoration of Championship Game Last Long once Buzzer blown finally. Give us a chance to make your moment more special because for us it’s your life time memory not a piece of metal. Get your personalized championship ring today from us at wholesale price.

Championship Ring’s Material

American championship rings history is zealous. However, at a glance traditionally made of white and yellow gold with studded diamonds. Comprise of team logo, team name, league year, player’s number, team position and the championship number typically denote in Roman numerals for NFL’s Super Bowl champs. In contrast championship ring code varies among four major professional leagues.

More over if we see NBA regulate its championship ring from 1969, currently the triumphant team chose its own style and design and the league bear cost according to the norm. In North American pro teams, of playoff league championship is the only most worthy part of the season.

Other championship rings like state championship rings or customized championship rings for youth, kids, or high school are made from iron, stainless steal and alloys. Instead of diamonds, these custom made rings are made from zircons, that just look and sparkle like diamonds.

Types of Championship Rings

Looking for that perfect gift that will make you stand out from the crowd? Trust in our creative and innovative team of experts that have the skills and expertise to understand your needs and capture the essence of your design. Some of our personalized rings include engraved rings for couples, men engrave promise rings, personalized rings for him, championship rings, etc. with a detail-oriented design and manufacturing process to guarantee high-quality custom jewelry.

For those in need of high school, college or graduation rings, Digital Jewelry always offers a recommendation on the best stone which best suits your personality in order to reflect your unique spirit in that special day. Our collection of graduation rings is tastefully designed to make it flawless, contributing to make of that day a memorable moment.

Most eminent four championship rings in North American professional sporting events are NBA Championship ring, NFL’s Super Bowl ring, ,NHL’s Stanley and MLB’s World Series ring.

In popular league, such as the Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL), traditionally rings are awarded to runners up of championship game. For instance World Series and Super Bowl are the best practice of it.

In American college basketball history, championship rings were awarded to the triumphant of NCAA Division Men’s Basketball Championship. For last two decades it has become common practice between Canadian and American high schools to give championship rings to state champions in their respective sport to honor their achievement.

History of MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Major League Baseball is the biggest sporting event in North America. It was founded in 1876 and the American League was founded in 1901. Later, both merged in 2000. Presently member teams are 30, having 1 in Canada and rest 29 in the US. Baseball is considered to be the first professional sport in America. Typically called national pastime.

National Basketball Association (NBA)
The National Basketball Association NBA is the premier basketball league in the world. It was founded in 1946, and adopted as official NBA in 1949. Four teams from Antagonist Basketball Association joined NBA in 1976. Currently 30 teams,1 from Canada rest 29 from the US are taking part in NBA.

National Football League (NFL)
The National Football League ( NFL ) was founded in 1920 as a merger of different teams from regional leagues. Currently member teams are 32, all in the US.

Since NFL games are popular known to be most attended leagues of world regarding every single game attendance. Championship game of Super Bowl and Super Bowl XLIX are being the only most watched event in U.S. history of television. However, NFL is the only single major league not having its official presence in Canada.

National Hockey League (NHL)
The National Hockey League (NHL) is the only major league having Canadian origin. Founded in 1909, there are 31 member teams, out of which 24 are from the US and 7 from Canada. It is the most popular league in Canada, and northern US.

Designing & Manufacturing Champion Rings Since 1940s - Choice of the USA

Digital Jewelry is a company that took off with the late 19th century Italian craftsmanship. Based in the USA, we are top manufacturer and designer of championship rings. You can bank on us for quality and a wide range of champion rings.

We have expertise of more than 100 years as descendants of Italian craftsmen who migrated to America through Ellis Island, NY. We still live up to our initial mission of reviving the Italian craftsmanship on the global platform. Run by a family, we committed to design jewelry of beauty beyond time. Our expertise can do wonders to the cherished moments and precious memories of your life. For decades, hard work, perseverance and patience have been part and parcel of the company. Under the umbrella of hard work, the customers can look forward to first class products well worth the price.

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