Aidan Flynn, a senior linebacker at Salinas High, makes big plays on and off the field.

He can make huge plays on the bus.

Flynn took a 30-minute break as the Salinas football team bus made its way north, 111 miles to Clayton Valley High in Concord. He then scanned for any … Read More

In his decades of experience coaching for one of the more prestigious high school teams within the East Bay, Pittsburg football coach Victor Galli doesn’t have time to ponder excessive hyperbole.

Naturally, the player doesn’t have to. The hype surrounding his 2022 team will take over. He may still require an … Read More

Social media is a Gigantic instrument to promote the athletic program you run. If you use it correctly, you can harness the power of an unlimited public to increase the reach of your organization’s spread across the nation.

Software programs use Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Your … Read More

Austin Mack ducks through the entrance as he walks into the room. Six-foot-five of his lanky frame settles into a chair while his coach pulls out an elastic clip from a spring ball.

His fourth year as the top player in the Bulldogs program, Paul Doherty knows his team’s first few … Read More

It is always exciting to see a nail-biting faceoff in the football stadium. The suspense and noise will make it more interesting for the crowd. As football fans, we always want our favorites to win the battle on the ground.

It’s not just a football match, it’s a test of skill, … Read More

Who owns the most championship rings in NBA History?
Championship rings are a token of honor, gratitude, and a symbol of distinction. The ring is not a piece of metal but it is a symbol of dignity and is the evidence of perseverance and hard work that a sportsman puts in … Read More

Napoleonic Medals
Let us take a walk in the history of the medals. Most of us are familiar with the first medals, Pisanello that was produced in 1438 by an Italian painter Antonio Pisano. History tells us that medals were mostly used as an award.

Napoleonic Medals are the medals celebrating the … Read More

Compete at the Winter D2 Nationals against Division 2 Cheer Teams from all over the region. NEW! Dance Teams contend for the AmeriDance Silver InBid towards the 2019 InterNational Championship at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, Florida. For more info, please visit

There’s nothing better than to see our customer smiling with our products. We want to thank the awesome MD Titans for their support of Digital Jewelry. We created custom championship dog tag pendants for their team in which they enjoyed very much. Need pendants? Contact us today for your very own today. … Read More

History of Medals
Origins of medals date back to the fourth century BCE, when medals were given as a form of honorary awards. Historian Josephus wrote that Alexander the Great sent golden buttons to High Priest Jonathan, who once led the Hebrews in his aid. There is also information about Roman … Read More

It’s nearly impossible to definitively know why and where the tradition of challenge coins began. One thing is certain: Coins and military service go back a lot farther than our modern age.

One of the earliest known examples of an enlisted soldier being monetarily rewarded for valor took place in Ancient … Read More

It’s important to understand the difference between customized and custom jewelry. If you engrave someone’s name or “build” a piece of jewelry from a list of options, you will end up with a personalized, meaningful and beautiful piece of customized jewelry.

Custom jewelry, though, is designed from scratch, and the design … Read More

Irmo High School Football team was very interested in our Championship Belts. They wanted a custom “Touch Down” belt in which many were thrilled to see. With not much of insight on how they wanted it to be designed, our creatives here at Digital Jewelry Company were able to help. … Read More

Congrats to Gilbert High School on their football win this past week. They had an explosive game with players wearing their turnover chains made by us here at Digital Jewelry Company. The turnover chain was molded of a Indian headdress representing the their mascot “Tomahawks”. Inside the turnover chain, we printed Gilbert and … Read More

What comes to mind when you hear the words Miami Hurricanes? Most may think about the team colors while others may say Turnover Chain. Turnover Chains have become a huge highlight in the world of Miami Hurricane news and here’s why.

In 2002, Anthony Machado (AJ) was given a call … Read More

Custom Softball Charms for FASA Organization

Inspire Change –

Challenge – Inspire – Change …
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Transforming the lives of Children, Youth and Marginalized members of society
As an athlete, we Challenge ourselves to be the best we can be by working hard and doing what it takes to get … Read More