Custom Soccer Championship Rings for Youth & High School in USA

Buy custom soccer championship rings for high schools, youth, state and national champions. High quality soccer rings made in the USA. We are the choice of Champion athletes. We are famous for our custom rings in USA and all around the world.

Soccer Championship Rings - Designed & Manufactured in USA

Celebrate your victory with our eye catching rings. Make your victory memorable and reward your champion athletes with our top quality rings. We are #1 custom soccer championship rings designer and manufacturer for youth, state and national champions in the USA.

Easy Customization, Low Cost & High Quality Soccer Rings

We specialize in customized team championship rings for your Soccer Team! Our expert craftsmen make your rings with quality and creativity. We have made customization very easy. Either choose from our current designs/templates for a quick customization or share with us your ideas/designs for complete customization. You can call us directly at 877-269-5646 and our design team will welcome you.
Digital Jewelry is making these championship soccer rings to celebrate these athletic championships since 1955. These rings are made for professionals, universities, colleges, and school athletes. Champions proudly wear our rings. These rings are the hottest demanded item by young athletes. We specially design custom youth soccer championship rings to appreciate young athletes.

Ring Styling & Options

All we need is your team logo, image/artwork, player name/number or any other text/image you need on your custom championship soccer ring. We will design a free artwork and send samples(for bulk orders only) if needed. Artwork takes 2-4 hours whereas samples need 3-10 days for delivery depending on location.
Each ring is carefully designed to show the traditional symbols inherited with your team or state. We guarantee quality because we use advanced tools and latest methods for manufacturing of these rings. With the use of latest technology it is simple to craft your custom rings. We bring your dream ring ideas to reality.

How to Design Your Soccer Ring?


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Convenience – We answer your quote requests calls, emails, facebook IM, and text messages within the same day and work within your budget while delivering in a timely fashion – some items same day turn deliver!

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Customization – because we are an OEM company, we can delivery exactly what you want and how you want it with no minimum orders!



Brand Status – we keep our brand awareness and integrity in check. We use only top quality raw materials such as marine grade stainless steel versus iron …

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